PM Should Ask for Climate Forced Migrants’ Right in Ban Ki-Moon Climate Summit

PM Should Ask for Climate Forced Migrants’ Right in Ban Ki-Moon Climate Summit

Desk Coastal Bangladesh ● Today (11th September 2014) five rights based civil society climate networks in Bangladesh urge the Prime Minister (PM) of Bangladesh to demand climate forced migrants’ rights and appropriate compensation under the cover of loss & damage discourse in upcoming Climate Change Summit called by UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon to be held on 23rd September in New York. They have also expressed concern on the current role of Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoE&F)... Details »

Civil Society Speakers and Policy Planners in LDC Watch and EquityBD seminar
Bangladesh needs preparation for sustainability in LDC graduation: Need to focus in Inequalities

Dhaka, 17 Feb 2018: In a national seminar on “LDC Graduation and Sustainable Development Approach Bangladesh Perspective” held at CIRDAP auditorium Dhaka, civil societies recommended government to take preparation... Details »

Civil Society demand transparent and coordinative government role in Bonn Climate Conference
Bangladesh should take position for easy financial access

Dhaka, 30 October 2017. Today eleven Civil Society Organizations (CSO) has demanded transparent and coordinative government role from government delegation in Bonn climate conference and to take positon for easy access from GCF... Details »

Observation of 19th August World Humanitarian Day
Local Civil Society Demands Equitable Partnership from INGOs and UN Agencies

Dhaka, 19th August 2017. Today Bangladeshi NGOs for WHS (World Humanitarian Summit) and COAST has organized a seminar title “Strengthening Civil Society and Promoting Localization Agenda” in the Lakshore Hotel of... Details »

Small grass root MFI NGOs who do micro finance plus worried about their future
For an Equitable Growth and a Balance Sector Reducing Service Charge in Micro Finance is Not Logical

Dhaka, 1st August 2017. Today nine small grass root MFI (Micro Finance Institutions) NGO (non-government organization) in a press conference organized in National Press Club Dhaka called on government to halt the process of further... Details »

Right Groups on Bangladesh SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) VNR (Voluntary National Reporting) in UN HLPF (United Nation High Level Political Forum)
Strengthening Democratic Institution Is a Fundamental for Sustained SDG and Peace

Dhaka, 8th July 2017. Today twenty one right based civil society, farmers and labors organizations and networks in a press conference held at National Press Club Dhaka said that strengthening democratic institutions like inclusive... Details »

Civil Society, Policy Makers and Expert given emphasize on cross boarder regional approach
Strengthen Bay of Bengal Regional Cooperation to Tackle Climate Change Problem

Dhaka, 20th June 2017. Today in a seminar held at Cirdap auditorium title ” Climate Change : Bangladesh and Bay of Bengal Regional Cooperation” civil society leaders, policy makers and experts urged to strengthen... Details »

Speakers in joint COAST, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and UNHCR (United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees) organized side event in Geneva
Global Solidarity and Sharing on Climate Displacement should be reflected in two UN Global Compacts

16th June 2017, Geneva, Switzerland. Today COAST (a Bangladeshi NGO), NRC, and UNHCR jointly organized a side event, speakers emphasize global solidarity and sharing responsibilities in respect of climate displacement should... Details »

E-commerce would promote illicit flow of information & asset by MNCs from LDCs
Civil Society called to Develop National Protection Policy before any Contracting with profiteering E-commerce Giant like Amazon and Alibaba

15 June 2017: Today in a human chain, 30 right based CSOs have called to government to develop appropriate national protection policy for saving state’s asset and valuable information before any contracting or agreement... Details »

Political Leaders, Civil Society and Embassy Officials Emphasize Esternization of Culture and Economy with Regional Connectivity in South and South East
Strengthening Bay of Bengal Regional Cooperation is a Necessity to Tap Blue Economy

Dhaka, 4th June 2017. Today in seminar held in Cirdap auditorium political leaders, civil society and embassy officials emphasize esteranization of culture and economy which has long history and long heritage, the also urged... Details »

14 Farmers Organizations Demanded 20% of the National Budget for Agriculture
Reducing Subsidy for Agriculture will be Suicidal for National Food Security

Dhaka, 21 May 2017. Today 14 rights based citizens’ and farmers’ organizations demanded 20% of the upcoming national budget for agriculture. They also opined that, reducing agriculture subsidy based on the prescription... Details »

Multi stakeholder consultation on way forward to prepare UN global compacts on migration and refugees.
Government and Civil Society Need to Work Together for Climate Displacement to Influence UN Global Compacts

Dhaka, 13th May 2013. Today in a seminar title “UN Global Compacts and Climate Displacement: Bangladeshi Civil Society Perspective” held at CIRDAP auditorium, in the seminars multi stakeholders are suggested “Government... Details »

Right Group termed VAT as Regressive to Poor, and said No to VAT
Demand for Measures to Arrest Black Money and Illicit Flow in Next Budget for Local Resource Mobilization

Dhaka, 7th May 2017. Today along with 25 right based civil society organizations along EquityBD termed the VAT (value added tax) is a regressive to poor, government is embarking on this with IMF (International Monetary Fund)... Details »